Welcome to the National Teacher Enquiry Network October Half-term newsletter. In this issue:

  • The new theory of evolution: creating continuing professional development that is memorable and meaningful is possible after all. – David Weston, Director of the Teacher Development Trust.
  • Designing spaces for collaboration in education: how to design areas that allow formal and informal discussions and team-work – Anna Rose, Director of architecture and design company Space Syntax Ltdtrust.org.
  • Teamwork without the hard work: how to effectively mentor or participate in a team that gives space for sharing and debate without excessive conflict – Matthew Greenberg, group facilitator and mediator at Interlink
  • Collaborative lesson planning: Andy Newell discusses teachers working together to plan lessons and the use of video to help with reflection and improvement. – Andy Newell, Managing Director of IRIS Connect
  • Does CPD and Ofsted make you angry? Tips on effectively leading school improvement that maintains staff buy-in. – David Weston, Chief Executive of the Teacher Development Trust.

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