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As we reflect on the  general election, with a CPD entitlement for teachers at the heart of  potential new education policy, we’re curious to understand more about the role that you play in raising teaching quality:

  • how does it work in your school?
  • what are the barriers to effective staff CPD planning?
  • what are the benefits of sound, evidence based approaches?
  • how can we, as the national charity for professional development in schools, help?

Please take 15 mins out of your busy day to reflect and contribute to what we know about the realities of CPD Leadership. Together, we will advocate to build professionalism, agency and a renewed sense of trust in our educators as we enter what may be a new era in education.

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Why Does it Matter?

Educators make thousands of decisions, micro and macro, every day.  Evidence and experience tells us that making sure they are well informed, well supported and have a sense of ownership over those decisions not only helps them stay in the profession and thrive, it also helps children succeed. 

That’s where effective continuous professional development (CPD) comes in.

As leaders of staff development in schools, you have the power and influence to make sure your colleagues get the very most out of the CPD they engage with.  Your effectiveness has a significant ripple effect across the whole school,  but are you getting the support and development opportunities you need to lead CPD well?


“If the best and brightest are to be attracted to and retained in the teaching profession, we have to recognise and value teacher expertise and accord teachers more autonomy and agency over their teaching as well as a voice in policy decisions.”

Chartered College of Teaching 2024

“Teachers’ professional development is crucial to a high-quality education system. When teachers, as learners themselves, base their everyday practice on an updated, coherent and integrated professional knowledge base, this can lead to improvements in pupils’ learning outcomes” 

Ofsted 2024

“CPD and opportunities for career progression were perceived as significant contributing factors to a positive school environment….most respondents rated both as important for recruitment and retention.”

EEF 2024

59% of secondary school professionals feel a ‘National workforce plan’ to recruit and retain teachers could have one of the biggest impacts on education. 

Pearson 2024

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