Teacher Development Trust (TDT) is England’s national charity for effective professional development in schools, colleges and early years settings. We help give leaders the clarity, confidence and capacity to build and lead cultures of expertise in schools and trusts, where empowered staff thrive so that children succeed.

In January 2024, TDT engaged in our first full Ofsted inspection as a Lead Provider of the National Professional Qualifications (NPQs). We are delighted to share some quotes from our report.

“Participants experience highly effective, expert training from Teacher Development Trust. The positive impact that this has on their wider professional development is exceptional and far-reaching in the educational settings in which they work.”

This was a particularly interesting process as this was one of the first ever inspections of NPQ lead provider quality under the relatively new Ofsted framework for ECF and NPQ providers.

“Leaders at the Teacher Development Trust relentlessly pursue and model a vision of excellence that is embodied in their values of ‘smart, heart and humble’. They ensure that all stakeholders share and understand this vision with striking consistency and alignment. This excellence is underpinned by clear expectations and strong relationships at all levels. There is an ambitious and reflective culture across the training programmes.”

 As we navigated the inspection process, we were reminded of the importance of feedback and continuous improvement.

Read more and download the report here

We extend our gratitude to the team from Ofsted for their thorough examination, professionalism, and determination to offer a fair assessment. We would also like to highlight their commitment to understanding our mission, and genuine care for our wellbeing throughout the inspection which ensured we could demonstrate the effectiveness of our programmes with confidence. 

The insights gleaned from Ofsted’s evaluation have provided us with valuable opportunities to reflect on our practices.

Enabling professional growth

We have always believed that the true measure of our success lies in the impact we have on our participants. Their feedback and experiences serve as a constant reminder of the importance of our work and drives us to continuously improve and innovate. While the inspection process results in a single word judgement, which we know will be used as a shorthand (and is undoubtedly a significant milestone for our dedicated team), the experiences enabling professional growth are what truly matter. 

The achievements of these programmes are not solely a reflection of our efforts but also of the collaborative spirit and dedication of our entire community. While this process and judgement is about TDT as a Lead Provider, we know we could not achieve anything without the hard work of our Delivery Partners and facilitators, and participants engaging enthusiastically in the process of learning. The journey of our NPQ provision has been marked by genuine collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of quality. As well as our central team’s efforts, external contributions, feedback and expertise have been invaluable in shaping our programmes and ensuring their effectiveness. 

Collective commitment to our values

At the core of our success lies the commitment of all of these individuals to our values: smart, heart, humble. These values inform everything we do, from designing curriculum to engaging with stakeholders. They are not just words on paper but anchor our behaviours and design and delivery principles as a charity. They guide our interactions and underscore our commitment to excellence in the TDT provision. We are particularly pleased that these values have been recognised as integral to our identity as a provider.

Our report demonstrates that TDT NPQ programmes cater to diverse educational settings and the varying needs of educators. From aspiring leaders to experienced practitioners, our courses are designed to empower participants with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their roles and drive positive change within their settings. Feedback from Ofsted highlights the effectiveness of our tailored approach and the positive impact it has on professional development within the sector. Looking ahead, we are excited about opportunities for growth and innovation. By leveraging our strengths and learning from our experiences, we are confident that we can further enhance the quality, reach, and impact of our NPQ provision and wider TDT programmes.

Outstanding judgement

While a single word judgement cannot adequately express the dedication of so many individuals to these programmes, we are humbled and proud to have received an Outstanding judgement for our provision. As we celebrate this achievement, we remain committed to our vision of excellence and continuous improvement.

Thank you again to all of our stakeholders for your continued support and trust. Together, we can continue to make a meaningful difference in the lives of teachers and the students they serve.

Read more and download the report here