Don’t miss our Co-CEO, David Weston at ResearchED in London on 9th Sept 2023. He’ll be sharing his thoughts on the science of teacher expertise: what it is and how to get more of it.



Drawing on research from authors including Stanislas Dehaene, author of How We Learn, David will be exploring:

  • how expert teachers build mental models to allow us to “project” our expectations of what is happening and what will happen next. This ‘pre-tunes’ our senses and actions, enabling us to perceive and understand much more quickly
  • how understanding this helps us to support and develop new teachers who are struggling to comprehend and act swiftly enough
  • how it helps us understand how experienced teachers’ mental models sometimes make it harder to change automatic habits and automatic ways of perceiving the classroom
  • how we can use this understanding to explain why the science of professional development makes sense and what we need to look out for
  • how leaders can make the most of this understanding to empower their staff and build expert schools, drawing on the latest research combined with learnings from TDTs diagnostic and developmental work with hundreds of schools

Don’t miss David’s talk on 9th September in London: exact timings & rooms will be added as soon as they are announced.