Welcome to the Teacher Development Trust February Newsletter. In this issue:

Tom Sherrington (@headguruteacher) – Developing our in-house system for improving teaching.

At Highbury Grove we’re in the process of engineering a culture shift away from inspectorial top-down accountability systems towards collegiate high-trust processes built on collective responsibility for student outcomes, professional development, mutual challenge and support. I’m convinced that this is the best way to secure improved outcomes for students as well as making teaching at the school more rewarding. Find Tom’s blog-site here.

Louis Coiffait (@LouisMMCoiffait) – How many teachers will be entitled to develop this year?
When we asked middle leaders in schools what was holding back their development, the most common answers were time and money. This may seem unsurprising, but it’s also unnecessary and wasteful when there’s this talented group of individuals in schools who are ready for more responsibility if they can get the right support and professional development.

Anewhoffod – The best CPD we can afford ourselves is the chance to visit other schools.
‘Having not been out of school for a year and a half, this week I have had the opportunity to visit two different schools on two different days to share practice, listen, learn and network to enhance what we do at the academy I work in. Below is a reflection on the days themselves and the impact this has had on me as teacher and as a leader.’ Read the original blogpost here.

Sarah Coskeran (@sarahcosk) – Leading a CPD session
It is common for teachers to be asked to lead CPD workshops with colleagues. Sarah Coskeran advises on how you can prepare, deliver and follow-up your CPD to ensure it is effective.

Why TDT is helping the drive to #ClaimYourCollege – here.
In July 2014 we called for government to financially support the set-up of a new ‘Royal’ College of Teaching. We feel now, as we felt then, that until we value, support and accredit the sorts of in-classroom excellence at least as much as we do leadership and management, teaching will never enjoy equal levels of status or success as other professions.
You can read the full proposal, the press release and the growing list of supporters here.

David Weston (@informed_edu) – Should we stop CPD about teaching techniques?
There is a huge amount of teacher professional development that is concerned with imparting ‘effective techniques’ for teachers. This is based around the idea that if you show or explain a superior technique then teachers will go away and use it in their classrooms, and that this will improve students’ learning

Bridget Clay (@bridget89ec) – Two Government Announcements: Headteacher and ITT standards reviews
The Department for Education have released two key announcements that relate closely to our work at the Teacher Development Trust. Many of their findings reinforce key practices around professional development that we promote. We have summarised our initial reflections on a few key issues but would be keen to know your thoughts and reflections.

Bridget Clay (@bridget89ec) – The links between CPD and ITT
The recommendations of the government-commissioned review of initial teacher training could also apply to schools’ CPD strategies.

David Weston (@informed_edu) – CPD: Improving career paths for your staff
Access to career development opportunities is often a key priority for teaching staff. David Weston offers seven ways schools can meet this need.

QuickStart Computing
QuickStart Computing is a free national programme to help teachers to plan, teach and assess the new computing curriculum. It’s a CPD toolkit and includes a handbook plus lot of additional resources including online videos, interactive tools and useful resources.

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