TDT has been at the forefront of teacher development for over ten years. This blog is part of a series that aims to share emerging thinking and practice around using AI tools as part of the education sector’s approach to building expert schools. In this piece, David Weston shares his findings on experimenting with AI as a coaching conversation partner and poses some questions for us as practitioners. Please do share your thoughts with us in the comments or by using #AITeacherDevelopment.

I recently experimented with a new AI application, Pi from Inflection AI. I recorded my conversation with the iPhone app version of the chatbot and used it on it’s “telephone” mode: i.e. where we both use spoken word to communicate rather than written word.

While of course I ended up leading the conversation somewhat, it’s striking to note the quality of its speech and how this particular AI engine has been designed as a ‘talk partner’ rather than just coming up with answers. If you try using Pi then you’ll find that it blends a coaching-style conversation with some occasional thoughts of its own.

Listen to this recording – what are your thoughts about how this might be used for reflection as a school leader or as a teacher?

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