Welcome to the Teacher Development Trust September Newsletter. In this issue:

David Weston (@informed_edu) – Nine Teaching Strengths

David Weston explores how NQTs can be best supported in continuing to develop professionally throughout their career, discussing how to develop the nine key strengths of an expert teacher.

Sarah Coskeran (@sarahcosk) – Six Key Priorities for Effective CPD

“As a new academic year kicks off and the new General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) Professional Standards come into full swing, it is the perfect time for school leaders across Scotland to reflect on how they will support and encourage powerful career-long professional learning (CLPL) for their staff over the year ahead.” Sarah Coskeran examines six key areas schools should aim to develop surrounding their internal processes for CLPL.

David Weston (@informed_edu) – Overcoming barriers to powerful professional development (part 1)

In this special four-part blog series, David Weston looks at some of the crucial problems that often impede schools in cultivating a culture of best practice CPD.

Jill Berry (@jillberry102) – 10 top tips for teachers heading into school senior leadership teams

Jill Berry highlights ten important tips for teachers moving into senior management positions, including the importance of supporting staff as they grow and develop professionally, and striving to continue your own professional learning.

Phil Stock (@joeybagstock) – CPD and the Second Law of Thermodynamics

“The structure of our Professional Growth look(s) inwards and outwards: it builds upon what we already do well, but it also seeks to learn from outside what we can do to be even better.” Phil Stock provides a detailed blog about the ongoing development of a Professional Growth Programme within his school, including their commitment to the Teacher Development Trust’s NTEN and commitment to Lesson Study.

InnerDrive (@Inner_Drive) – How squashing ants and a tweak in focus can help you perform under pressure

This blog from InnerDrive explores ways in which teachers can attempt to reduce stress and pressure, and improve their teaching performance. InnerDrive have adapted their model of working with elite athletes in order to help both staff and students reach their full potential and relieve stress.

Sarah Coskeran (@SarahCoskeran) – Making a change taking new ideas into your classroom context

As a new academic year begins, teachers across the country are looking at how to transform teaching and learning in their school or college over the year ahead. For many, INSET days will have provided a raft of exciting, inspiring ideas aimed at supporting students’ learning in a myriad of ways. But how can you focus and plan your professional learning to make sure these ideas translate into actual change and improvement in your classroom?

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