TDT Expert Schools Webinar Series

A school or trust leaders’ guide to navigating the seven domains of people powered school improvement

Join us for a free series of webinars throughout 2023/24. Hosted by co-CEO David Weston and featuring guests from across the TDT network, we will explore how to supercharge school improvement by creating the conditions in which staff thrive and children succeed. 

Each webinar is themed around of one of our seven domains of people powered school improvement.

Episode 3: Needs Analysis and Impact Evaluation’ is taking place on Thursday 29th February 2024 from 4pm – 5pm with guest TDT’s Professional Learning Lead, Sharon Ealing

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More from our Expert Schools Webinar Series

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Episode 1: ‘When teachers thrive, children succeed – creating a culture of staff wellbeing in your school or trust’, with special guest Jane Kennedy, Lead Advisor Professional Learning,  Education Durham

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Episode 2: ‘Prioritising the focus on CPDwith special guest Cat Scutt, Deputy CEO, Education & Research, Chartered College of Teaching

What are the 7 Domains of School Improvement?

Domain 1: Culture and Wellbeing

Do staff feel buy-in and engagement to the development on offer?
Is there an open culture of collaboration and peer observation?
Do staff feel supported to grow in their careers?

Domain 2: Focus

Is CPD focused on improving teaching and learning?
Do staff have the opportunity to apply, embed and refine new ideas gained from CPD?
Does the school’s CPD meet a balance of generic pedagogical, subject-specific and pastoral needs?

Domain 3: Needs Analysis & Evaluation

Is CPD targeted at the needs of particular teachers and the pupils with whom they work?
Is the impact of CPD being planned and evaluated?
Do staff feel the CPD on offer is aligned to their needs?

Domain 4: Internal Support & Challenge

Are internal experts within the school trained and deployed effectively?
Are performance management processes conducive to effective staff CPD?
Are there opportunities to engage with critical friendships, coaching or collaborative enquiry?

Domain 5: Use of Expert Knowledge

How does the school commission external providers of CPD?
Are there opportunities to look outwardly and collaborate with other schools?
When staff attend external courses, are they given sufficient time and support to embed new ideas or strategies?

Domain 6: Processes & Structures for CPD

Is there sufficient leadership capacity and clarity around staff development?
What do career pathways look like, and are these fair/clear to all?
Is there enough time safeguarded for PD and is this time maximised?
Is staff development and meeting time structured effectively?

Domain 7: Use of Research and Evidence

Are professional development processes rooted in evidence-based theories?
Do staff have access to pedagogical research to inform their practice?

Research and Insights

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