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The Early Headship Coaching Offer is a 12-month programme which provides targeted support for teachers new to the role of headship, or for those in their first five years of headship

You will receive a bespoke programme of support that comprises five hours of one to one coaching with an experienced school leader along with complementary support which can include an online community for support and sharing ideas and guided visits to schools to explore other heads’ leadership on the ground.

The Teacher Development Trust is rooted in our core focus of communication and collaboration, helping you create a culture of improvement in your school where staff thrive and pupils succeed.

Early Headship Coaching Offer (EHCO)

Who is eligible for the Early Headship Coaching Offer?

To be eligible for the Early Headship Coaching Offer you must:

  • Be a headteacher in a state school when you begin the training.
  • Be within the first five years of your headship when you begin.
  • Either have taken the NPQH before beginning your headship, or are currently taking the NPQH
  • Have not previously withdrawn from the Early Headship Coaching Offer.
  • You’ll have a guide to support you as you take your first steps in headship
  • You’ll be supported to apply and embed the learning from your NPQH
  • You’ll connect with other new heads to share ideas and support
  • You’ll have greater impact in your school and achieve your potential as a leader

Scholarship funding to cover the course fees is available if you are in your first 5 years of headship in England in:

  • state-funded schools
  • state-funded 16 to 19 organisations
  • You should also be doing or have done the headship NPQ.

For further funding information from the DfE see here

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Please note that we will not be offering the Early Headship Coaching Offer or the NPQ in Executive Leadership in Autumn 2024. If you are interested in joining an EL or EHCO cohort in 2025, please express your interest below and we will be in touch!

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By using a personal email address, you help us stay consistent, accurate, and timely with the information we send your way. If this poses any challenges for you, don't hesitate to let us know and we will make every effort to accommodate.

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