National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) have been around for nearly two decades but have recently had an overhaul.  What has changed and what can you expect if you sign-up to do an NPQ with TDT?

First, the wider context. The transformation of NPQs has taken place as part of a broad package of reform looking at all areas of Government funded professional development. This starts with the creation of the Core Content Framework for Initial Teacher Training (ITT) and the introduction of a new induction offer for teachers called the Early Career Framework (ECF). Both of these place the latest evidence about effective teacher practice at their heart, in terms of what teachers do in the classroom and also in terms of how teachers best learn themselves. Reformed NPQs do the same, helping to develop a more consistent approach to teacher development funded by Government, using the same evidence base to create what is often referred to as a ‘golden thread’ running from the very beginning of a trainee teacher’s career all the way through to supporting executive leaders running federations and trusts.

Second, the introduction of specialist NPQs has led to a much more specific set of qualifications to replace the old, generic ‘middle leader’ NPQ. These specialist NPQs – in Leading Behaviour and Culture (NPQLBC), Leading Teaching (NPQLT), and Leading Teacher Development (NPQLTD) allow for a more in-depth look at these core areas to support teachers in role.  They sit alongside the leadership NPQs – in senior leadership (NPQSL, headship (NPQH), and executive leadership (NPQEL) so that we have a comprehensive suite of qualifications. And from September this year they are being joined by a specialist NPQ in Leading Literacy (NPQLL) and a new Early Years Leadership qualification (NPQEYL).

These new NPQs are being delivered in a different way too. In particular, in line with the ‘golden thread’, the evidence base underpinning each of the NPQs is much more tightly defined than before, helping to create a consistent rhythm of delivery that combines the best knowledge and evidence with the tangible experiences of teachers and leaders.

So how will it feel to take the plunge and sign up to do an NPQ with TDT?

Most importantly, our approach is rooted firmly in our three core values:

a. We are SMART – determined to follow the evidence.

b. We talk about HEART – the evidence base needs to be handled in the right way when it comes to implementation, thinking about the people involved, to achieve a sustainable impact.

c. We are HUMBLE – we recognise that there is no single perfect answer to any situation, and schools work in different environments and contexts. We need to understand the limits of what the evidence tells us at times and use our judgement.

We use these values to shape every piece of content we create and deliver, every relationship we form, and the experience of every NPQ participant. This will be captured best in the way you will work with your course leader and the other participants in your cohort. You will experience a mixture of national and local webinars, face-to-face sessions, and expertly created online content to help you develop an in-depth understanding of the evidence and to work together to share ideas and perspectives. You will have to make a commitment and have the support of your school – to engage with the content and invest your time in attending the online and face-to-face sessions – but we make this as manageable as possible through the way the content is designed and delivered. For example, webinars are scheduled at the end of the school day (typically from 3:30pm), so there is no expectation around working in the evenings and at weekends.  

These are not easy qualifications, but they are worthwhile. NPQs will equip you with the depth of understanding and confidence to help you progress in your career. At the end of the course – following a short assessment – you will emerge with a nationally-recognised qualification that will help to mark you out as an expert in your field.

Their Journey. Your Journey.

Register your interest now for our NPQs starting in October 2022.