CPD Quality Audit

Cutting edge approaches to professional development not only boost staff performance, retention, morale and recruitment, but they can have a strong impact on pupil outcomes.

The Teacher Development Trust offers a powerful audit tool to help you understand how to improve the effectiveness of your in-house approach.

CPD Quality Framework

Our CPD quality framework builds on the international evidence of what works, and looks at the following seven areas:

  • Leadership and culture
  • Focus on Learning and Pedagogy
  • Evaluation of impact
  • Support and challenge
  • Processes, systems and resourcing
  • Research, innovation and evidence

There is significant emphasis on the quality of the research, evidence and evaluation methods that are used, and the framework is underpinned by practices from the most effective schools which not only deliver impact but create a high-morale staff environment.

Standards in a number of areas are deliberately high and we would expect the majority of members of the network to be working towards the Bronze level when they first use the tool.

“The audit framework has been an invaluable tool – it has allowed us to drill down and highlight the areas in need of further development while allowing us to celebrate the areas where we are already successful.”
Kathryn Morgan, Assistant Headteacher, Coleshill Heath Primary School

The Online Audit

All TDT Network members have access to our online tool which gives:

  • A self-evaluation process completed by the leadership team, with the opportunity to annotate with comments and upload evidence.
  • An online, whole-staff survey to examine attitudes and experiences on the ground
  • A report which compares senior leaders’ views against staff views, breaking down attitudes of types of staff.

Accreditation and development report

Audit Plaque

Audit Plaque

Hundreds of schools have worked with us to commission a more detailed and bespoke analysis of their approach from our in-house experts.

The assessment visit is carried out by an expert from our in-house team and analyses the senior leadership teams’ self review, the staff survey results, uploaded evidence (such as policies, examples of CPD undertaken) and undertakes a series of interviews with a range of staff (teaching and non-teaching, varied experience levels and roles).

The school is given a detailed report with breakdown of results and commentary from the assessor. If the school achieves one of our Bronze, Silver or prestigious Gold levels then the school is given a plaque to display as well as given logos for signs, letterheads and job adverts.

“What I particularly like about the TDT audit is the way it provides rigorous external feedback into what is working and what requires improvement. There is no spurious judgement, but rather crucial feedback about what staff think about their own school’s CPD and a cool appraisal of whether or not its culture and practices enable new learning to be enacted.”
Phil Stock, Assistant Headteacher, Greenshaw High School – @joeybagstock

How to get the audit?

Both TDT Network members and non-members are able to engage in the audit process. Download our flyer to explore pricing and contact us for more details.

Download our latest flyer

Download our latest flyer


An image of the digital audit tool

School leadership teams engage in an online self-audit against our detailed framework

Image of audit tool survey

All staff (teaching and non-teaching) receive an anonymous online survey asking them for their views on professional development, culture, leadership, evidence, evaluation, etc.

Image of the dashboard

School leaders receive a detailed dashboard highlighting strengths, areas for development and a breakdown of the survey by staff type.