Building Expert Leaders Programme: Leaders of Professional Learning

NEW FOR 2024!

A focused group coaching and development programme designed to build the expertise and confidence of CPD Leads in school and trusts

This Building Expert Leaders Programme includes:

  • Self-evaluation based on TDT’s seven domains of people powered improvement
  • Termly online Group Coaching (up to 10 per cohort)
  • Shared digital platform for collaboration and supporting resources
  • Pilot of TeacherVerse – TDT’s new AI simulation tool to support professional development

Guided by your TDT Professional Learning Lead, you will:

  • unpick and better understand the landscape of professional development within your setting, including how your school is maximising the impact of NPQ participation
  • review and reflect on your CPD Leadership using TDT’s evidence-informed self-evaluation framework
  • begin to plan your next steps with confidence
  • experiment with the latest AI simulation tools to support teacher development and role play scenarios

The group coaching sessions provide a ‘safe space’ to exchange ideas, break down barriers and rehearse implementation plans with colleagues and experts in education.

Why are we offering this?

We are a charity with a mission to make sure every teacher in every school gets the professional development they need, so that they thrive and children succeed.

Evidence clearly links effective professional development to expert teaching, enhanced teacher wellbeing, greater staff retention and ultimately, improved pupil progress.

”In the classrooms of the best teachers, students learn at twice the rate they do in classrooms of average teachers – they learn in six months what students taught by average teachers take a whole year to learn. And in the classrooms of the least effective teaching, the same learning will take two years” Wiliam (2020)

We know from our work with thousands of schools and school leaders that schools and trusts with empowered, skillful and supported CPD Leads can create:

  • Cultures and climates of continuous learning
  • CPD strategies that align with school development plans, meet pupil and staff needs and improve pupil progress
  • Working environments that staff want to stay in, where they feel valued and inspired to be the best they can

Three key findings from the recently published EEF rapid evidence assessment focussing on how school leadership, culture and climate support teacher retention:

1. School leadership is the most consistent measure of working conditions, which in turn influences teacher turnover intentions

2. Prioritising teacher development and providing teachers with opportunities for and removing barriers to their professional development contributes to retention

3. School leaders should support teachers’ wellbeing and job satisfaction with providing professional development opportunities and educational resources for teachers


Who is this for?

Those developing in the role of CPD lead in their school or trust.

Those interested in engaging with a peer community of support to explore new thinking and to learn from a variety of settings, outside of the constraints of national frameworks in a supportive and non-judgemental environment.


What does the Building Expert Leaders Programme look like for participants?

  • Initial online baseline self evaluation based on TDTs 7 domains of people powered school improvement, followed by progress’self evaluation at the end)
  • An  introductory webinar followed by termly online group coaching sessions (2 hrs each x 3 sessions) with peers (6-10 per group) led by a TDT Professional Learning Lead
  • Access to a shared area on TDTs learning platform containing tools, resources and opportunities to collaborate
  • Opportunity to pilot and feedback on ‘TeacherVerse’ in structured, sandbox sessions.

The Building Expert Leaders programme will be delivered virtually across two terms (current cohort running April – December 2024). Each cohort will be confirmed as we meet minimum numbers.

How do I apply?


Places and cohorts will be confirmed as they reach capacity

How much does it cost?

£849 per participant

Discounts available for TDT membership schools


Key Information: A Quick Guide

Course Length
Two school terms (Current cohort April - December)
Term 1: Introductory webinar and baseline self-evaluation (1 hr) and Group Coaching session 1 (2hrs). Term 2: Group Coaching session 2 (2hrs) and Group Coaching session 3 plus progress self-evaluation (2 hrs).
Online group coaching sessions facilitated by your TDT Professional Learning Lead. Sessions are participant-led, non-judgemental and discussion-focused. Access to shared digital platform, additional resources and research available for participant's self-guided development and study.