Recording CPD

  • Do ensure that all developmental processes are considered as ‘CPD’, e.g. joint planning or collaborative enquiry is CPD at least as much as an external speaker or course.
  • Do enable staff to use any records of CPD to support reflection and evaluation of the process.
  • Do encourage colleagues to use any records as a working journal that is referred back to you, with reflections made, rather than as a static record book.
  • Don’t prioritise quantity over quality – a full folder of paper that is never referred to, useful or purposeful is not worth the time.
  • Don’t make it a time wasting exercise.
  • Don’t expect everyone to record and work in the same way.
  • Don’t rush the process – it takes time for all staff to get to grips with a new process (especially if online) and often takes time to get it set up in the way that you would like.
  • Don’t confuse recording with evaluating – recording CPD is not the same as evaluating its impact, nor is it the same as embedding a change into your practice.

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