Parents are aware of CPD

  1. Your school invests a lot of time and money into developing staff because it has a powerful impact on pupil outcomes. This should be shared with parents so that they come to value and expect professional learning within schools. This is particularly relevant if/when professional learning time impacts the school day etc.
  2. Professional learning ties in with the school priorities, which should be shared with parents, along with how the school intends to address them.
  3. Sometimes CPD and particular approaches in school can be reinforced and supported by parents at home.

How to inform parents

You will already have means of communicating and engaging with parents. Some methods that are used by schools regularly

  1. Newsletters.
  2. Websites, including a teaching and learning blog.
  3. Conversations to reinforce these messages (which are not necessarily closely read), e.g. through open days, speeches and parents’ evenings etc.