Funding CPD

It is very hard to compare spending on CPD, partly as schools will vary in their allocations of what is ‘CPD’ (e.g. is cover included?). This link gives an indication of previous year’s spending but by no means is a guide.

  1. Value for Money. This is notoriously difficult to measure but by analysing needs and evaluating CPD, it is possible to give an indication of value for money. Certainly an expensive course or speaker than only has potential to impact on a few pupils, or which has no evidence-base is unlikely to be good value for money.
  2. Prioritising CPD. To secure funding for CPD, it is crucial that both governors and school leaders understand the importance of CPD. Ensure that leaders are aware of the research behind the power of effective CPD.
  3. Funded projects. Through collaborating with HEIs or research projects, there are occasionally funded projects to support CPD. Similarly there are unique funding opportunities, such as the Enthuse Award to support CPD.

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