Meeting Staff Needs

There is often a worry amongst CPD Leaders about how to balance individual staff needs with overall school needs. Whilst there will also be personal interests and career priorities, when looking at really pupil focussed needs within a classroom, school and individual priorities will overlap. It is important to use staff input when putting together CPD priorities to help with this.

In order to monitor staff needs and adapt your CPD provision accordingly, here are some tips:

  • Don’t rely on one big annual survey of staff alone – it will most likely only reflect the most recent development opportunities.
  • Use performance management and appraisal to guide you.
  • Use focus groups and indicate that you are open to feedback.
  • Ensure that career development opportunities are transparent.
  • Enable to staff to engage in ‘teacher driven’ CPD, such as Lesson Study, collaborative enquiry, research etc.

Some key areas of need to consider:

  • How can we challenge our expectations about what is possible for students like ours?
  • What support is needed to develop the careers of staff members – e.g. developing specialist knowledge, leadership or engaging in research.
  • What expert input and support is needed to develop, deepen and update subject knowledge and subject pedagogy?
  • What training (or refreshing) is needed for our systems and policies?
  • What statutory training is needed? [Note: this shouldn’t displace other CPD activities but be in addition].
  • How can we develop and deepen our understanding of assessment and evaluation?
  • How can we develop and extend our understanding of the latest evidence about effective teaching, both general pedagogy and within subjects and specialisms (including SEND).
  • What activities will we engage in to ensure that we are up-to-date with sector policies, initiatives, technologies and innovations?
  • How are we developing leadership skills and knowledge, both in existing leaders and more widely?