2c. Meets needs in relation to subject pedagogy

This is a double-weighted criteria.

Meaning – CPD should include time for staff to contextualise their professional learning to their specific subjects. CPD content should include a focus on formative assessment so that teachers can see the impact of their learning and work on their pupils. Generic pedagogy is often insufficient to have the full impact on pupil outcomes.

What would this mean in practice?

In school X every input is split into both generic and subject specific. For example, a twilight session focussed on ‘questioning’ and, after some input as a whole school staff body, staff were split into departments and collaborated to contextualise this to their own subjects. Staff were finally expected to target some specific examples for specific pupils they expected to benefit. There is a detailed discussion of what formative assessment would be appropriate for evalauting the impact of the CPD.

You may wish to visit the Needs Analysis and Evaluation section to explore more around formative assessment and evaluation.

The Focus section also has more tools, guidance and resources and a subject focus in CPD.