Extraordinary Leaders, Empowered Staff, Expert Schools

The theme of TDTs Annual National Conference this year is Unleashing Great Teaching: working together to develop and retain great teachers and leaders to build a brighter future for all children and young people across the country, regardless of background, challenge or need.

Tuesday 30th January 2024, Central London

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The authors of Unleashing Great Teaching, Bridget Clay and David Weston, will set the scene for the day by exploring the book’s key messages through the lens of 2024, and what it means to build expert schools in an ever changing world. So much has changed since when the book was published in 2018 – pandemic, industrial action, policy changes, new evidence, AI and new technologies – what does this mean for schools and leaders and what are the implications?

We hope you can join us, here’s some more on what you can expect:

  1. A diverse range of speakers and facilitators, from serving trust and school leaders to national thought leaders, all sharing insights, evidence and experience around building expert schools and unleashing great teaching

  1. An exploration of common themes identified from work done with hundreds of schools and trusts around the country and internationally. Many sessions are led by leaders sharing their own experience of creating research rich and energised school and trust cultures

  1. Plenty of opportunity for connection and networking with other leaders of professional development, leaders of teams and those interested in developing themselves or others as evaluative, empowered practitioners

  1. Facilitated reflection and exploration to make sense of and implement evidence and research, based on TDTs values:
  • We are Smart –  all of our programmes are deeply rooted in evidence. We want to know what works and seek out the brightest and the best minds to help shape our programmes.
  • We have Heart – teaching and learning is about people and connection. Even the strongest evidence for improvement will be ineffective if not implemented by expert, empowered teachers at the front of the classroom. The best interventions are also realistic.
  • We are Humble – we are always curious, we are always learning. We are led by the evidence, but we also have the humility to keep testing our understanding and adapt.

  1. Honest, shared understanding and experience of the highs and lows of school leadership, with a collaborative approach to sharing knowledge and a belief in people powered school improvement