Introducing Climate Wise Schools, a groundbreaking pilot Professional Development Programme for Climate Change Education. 

Developed by the Teacher Development Trust (TDT), in collaboration with Leeds Trinity University and CAPE (Climate Adapted Pathways for Education), this programme is set to make a significant impact on spearheading Climate Change Education (CCE) across the country in its initial six month pilot phase. 

Two specialist pathways, one for school leaders and one for subject leaders, will start together on 11th July 2023. We’re bringing together 43  colleagues from across three multi academy trusts and one federation, equipping teachers and school leaders with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver effective CCE. By taking an evidence-informed approach and incorporating best practices from the Education Endowment Foundation’s guidance report on professional development, TDT aims to empower educators with the strategies needed to excel in CCE.

We understand that collaboration and adaptation to local contexts are essential for successful professional development, as always the TDT approach  ensures that the programme meets the specific needs and implementation challenges faced by different schools. Additionally, by aligning the programme with the NPQ leadership frameworks, we will provide relevant and tailored content to school leaders. We have also gathered expertise from various partners to contribute high-quality content in areas such as school culture, outdoor learning, curriculum development, and carbon reduction.

The Climate Wise Schools pilot programme will build collective operational climate literacy among school communities that we can learn from and build upon, nationally and globally.  By fostering an environment where school leaders, teachers, and pupils routinely evaluate the impacts and consequences of their actions, gather and synthesise relevant information, advocate for sustainable practices, and take actions that contribute to a healthier environment, we aim to empower schools to actively improve local environments and instil a sense of optimistic hope in young people regarding our ability to tackle the challenges posed by climate change.

Nurturing and sustaining Climate Change Education as the demand for effective climate change education continues to grow, TDT’s pilot professional development programme emerges as a vital initiative to address the challenges faced by teachers and school leaders. Through an evidence-informed approach, consideration of emotional wellbeing, and collaboration with school trusts, we strive to equip educators with the necessary tools to navigate the complex landscape of climate change education. Together, we can empower future generations to address this urgent global priority and foster a sustainable future for all. 

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