The Department for Education’s recent publication of the Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy (2022) emphasises that together the education sector has a responsibility for preparing children and young people for the challenges and opportunities to create a better environment for future generations. However, school leaders remind us that embedding high-quality sustainability and climate change education and the creation of a green school estate is constrained by a shortage of time, space and resources. To explore some of these challenges, The Teacher Development Trust is delighted to be hosting a panel of experts to consider the importance of:

  • Establishing and maintaining a school culture that encourages pro-environmental behaviours.
  • Building the foundations for a world-leading sustainability and climate change education through effective school implementation.
  • Supporting teachers through high quality professional development.
  • Creating a high-quality sustainability and climate change curriculum

The panel was co-chaired by TDT Curriculum Designer, Heena Dave and Dr Leigh Hoath, Senior Professional Fellow at Leeds Trinity University.

Panel includes:

Kat Howard, Director, DRET Teaching School Hub

Lauren Hyams, Head of Urban Nature Project Activities, Natural History Museum

Preeti R. Kanaujia, Senior Programme Director, Centre for Environment Education, India

Amarachi Nneli, Climate Leader, MasterCard Foundation Scholar, University of Edinburgh

Professor Jonathan Sharples, Professional Research Fellow, Education Endowman Foundation

Esther Gray, Vice Principal, The Ferriers School in Northamptonshire