TDT spoke with Alison Banks, Teaching School Lead at Notre Dame High School in Norwich and Jason Brand, Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning at Hellesdon High School in Norwich. Both Alison and Jason have been TDT members for a number of years and are both TDT Regional Associates for the Norwich area, leading a virtual Norwich-based CPD Hub. They tell us more about their experiences of working with the Teacher Development Trust.

“The TDT membership has given us so many evidence-based practices and research resources to support teaching and ensure pupils get better outcomes.”

Alison Banks, School Leader

Hi Alison and Jason, both your schools have been TDT Network members for a number of years. Could you tell us about some of your experiences of working with the Teacher Development Trust?

Jason: We have been members of the Teacher Development Trust for 4 years now. We’ve had excellent support and have got a huge amount out of it, with real improvements in the systems and culture of CPD and professional development.

Outside of this, I’ve been to the TDT conferences as a participant and been invited to share some of the knowledge we have gained from our TDT membership with schools in Ipswich.

Alison: Thank you very much for the resources and everything that the TDT can share with us by being members. There’s lots of evidence-based practices and current thoughts in terms of evidence and research to support teaching and ensure pupils get better outcomes and it’s just nice to be able to access that.

Great to hear! Do you have anything further to add?

Jason: Without the Teacher Development Trust it would be difficult to make links with the right people to get external support and challenge. Working with the Teacher Development Trust has opened up a huge number of opportunities to make those links with people in similar roles to me to be able to talk about how we’re all facing the same challenges and to be able to see what others have been doing has been hugely valuable.

To find out more about TDT Membership, please see our School Improvement through People Development brochure.