We are delighted to announce the launch of the Teacher Development Trust’s Annual Report 2014.

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In this report, to be publicly released later today at an event in the Houses of Parliament, we publish some important findings around how schools across England find and engage in CPD.

Choosing CPD: England’s approaches to finding and engaging in CPD” is our study of the structures and factors that influence the professional development opportunities offered to staff in England’s schools.

The research highlights a wide range of good practice around structuring and organising CPD. Yet it also sheds light on a number of barriers currently faced by schools in providing effective, sustainable development to all staff.

Based on these findings, the Teacher Development Trust Annual Report also includes our vision for professional development in England and policy recommendations to support the continued movement towards powerful, effective CPD for every teacher in England.

We hope this Annual Report will both demonstrate the need for system-wide change around teachers’ professional development and put forward a clear direction of travel for government, schools, the Teacher Development Trust and all organisations working to improve the support and opportunities we offer our teachers and school leaders.


To download a pdf copy of the Teacher Development Trust Annual Report 2014, click here.


To download a pdf copy of the press release to accompany the Annual Report, click here.