CPD for behaviour and pastoral issues

Career progression within pastoral roles

CPD around pastoral roles is often neglected, both for teaching and non-teaching staff.

  • Any career progression routes should be open and transparent.
  • Job shadowing or job swaps allow for insight into potential career development.

Developing expertise in pastoral care

All staff within a school have a pastoral element to their role, but this is often neglected in terms of CPD. Here are some points to consider.

  • Those in pastoral roles should have the opportunity to collaborate and share practice, just as in teaching and learning development.
  • Lesson Study and collaborative development can also be used to address a pastoral need.
  • There are a large number of providers and courses in this area, ensure you ask for evidence and don’t just use as a ‘one off’.

Behaviour resources

A resource from Tom Bennett and UNISON on improving behaviour:

Good ideas for behaviour CPD:

  • Brainstorming common behaviour issues
  • Scripting common issues, watching senior teachers model and then asking others to critique. Consider adding common responses (both verbal and physical) and giving possible responses for each.
  • Consider working with an education psychology specialist to explore the thinking behind different behaviours.
  • Use video cameras to capture footage from classes with low-level issues and use these as discussion points with lead practitioners.
  • Lead practitioners modelling in lessons and following up with discussions, scripting and practice.