Formative Evaluation

3b – Formative evaluation takes place at a micro level undertaken by individual staff.

This is a triple-weighted criteria.

Meaning – staff should regularly be carrying out a formative evaluation of the impact of their CPD and new approaches that they take on pupils.

Examples of what that would mean in practice – 

Two NQTs in a Maths department agree that they would like to improve their ability to teach pupils with English as an Additional Language. They both attend an external course run by the local authority specifically targeted at approaches to support EAL pupils. Collaboratively they contextualise this input to their subject and collaboratively plan a number of approaches. They meet three times over a term to refine and develop their approach, and share their findings. Using pupil interviews, comparisons of pupil work and a questionnaire at the beginning and end of term, the NQTs were able to conclude which approaches worked best.