TDT Book Club – Archive

TDT Book Club was a continuation of our work during the global pandemic – a free service with online video Q&As to share reading recommendations, support individuals to network while learning remotely, and engage with authors and leaders who inspire us.

All these meetings were completely free to attend and all those who attended on the day received a video.

This archive of the videos is available exclusively to TDT Network Members

April 2020 – Imperfect Leadership

Author Steve Munby joined us to discuss the ideas and experience behind this work; the book for leaders who know they don’t know it all.

Password: BC.St3veM284

May 2020 – Leadership Dialogues

Author and consultant, Dave Harris, joined us to discuss leadership through changing times.

Password: Dav3HBC7520

May 2020 – Education Exposed

Author and School Leader, Sam Strickland, joined us to discuss leading through uncertainty.

Password: SStrickland.215BC

June 2020 – Making the Leap

Author and Education Consultant, Dr. Jilly Berry, joined us to discuss readiness for leadership.

Password: JBerry.BC26

June 2020 – Understanding Leadership

Authors, Libby Nicholas and John West-Burnham joined us to talk about the heart of leadership.

Password: LNJWB.BC2020

July 2020 – Powering Up Your School

Author, Guy Claxton, joined us to discuss the latest in his series of “Powering Up” books for teachers and leaders.

Password: BC186.GClaxton

July 2020 – The Unexpected Leader

Author and teacher, Iesha Small, joined us to discuss her book on the lived experiences in teaching and leadership, with a focus on wellbeing and mental health.

Password: BC307.ISmall