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Creating a culture of improvement

Even the most successful school leaders can find themselves pouring ever-more effort and ideas into their schools only to be met with change fatigue.

Our charity has helped 100s of school leaders like you to gain the insights, support and confidence needed to overcome these barriers. We work in partnership with you to support you to develop your school culture, processes and structures, focus, and evaluation of professional learning; working towards powerful professional learning for everyone to ensure children succeed and teachers thrive.

Your TDT membership journey

We use our expertise and research to help schools, Trusts and school groups to identify and successfully embed carefully-designed changes, powered by the growth of your people, that make your existing improvement plans work more effectively, and help you create a thriving, research-rich school improvement culture that sticks.

Don’t design the future until you deeply understand the present

– Viviane Robinson

Meeting you where you are

At the heart of your journey with us is our Diagnostic Review. Grounded in research, the diagnostic review tool allows you to work collaboratively with all your staff to unpick where you are and what you do, revealing insights on how best to move forward and drive effective change in your context. The review is deliberately developmental, not judgemental or a tickbox exercise – its findings are unique to your school.

Cycle of Continual Improvement

TDT Diagnostic Tool

Benchmark your school against 7 domains of school improvement and reveal insights that unlock effective change. Our process brings together your own insights with anonymous staff survey results, while your expert coach triangulates this with staff interviews and policy reviews.

The 7 Domains of School Improvement

Domain 1: Culture and Wellbeing

Do staff feel buy-in and engagement to the development on offer?
Is there an open culture of collaboration and peer observation?
Do staff feel supported to grow in their careers?

Domain 2: Focus

Is CPD focused on improving teaching and learning?
Do staff have the opportunity to apply, embed and refine new ideas gained from CPD?
Does the school’s CPD meet a balance of generic pedagogical, subject-specific and pastoral needs?

Domain 3: Needs Analysis & Evaluation

Is CPD targeted at the needs of particular teachers and the pupils with whom they work?
Is the impact of CPD being planned and evaluated?
Do staff feel the CPD on offer is aligned to their needs?

Domain 4: Internal Support & Challenge

Are internal experts within the school trained and deployed effectively?
Are performance management processes conducive to effective staff CPD?
Are there opportunities to engage with critical friendships, coaching or collaborative enquiry?

Domain 5: Use of Expert Knowledge

How does the school commission external providers of CPD?
Are there opportunities to look outwardly and collaborate with other schools?
When staff attend external courses, are they given sufficient time and support to embed new ideas or strategies?

Domain 6: Processes & Structures for CPD

Is there sufficient leadership capacity and clarity around staff development?
What do career pathways look like, and are these fair/clear to all?
Is there enough time safeguarded for PD and is this time maximised?
Is staff development and meeting time structured effectively?

Domain 7: Use of Research and Evidence

Are professional development processes rooted in evidence-based theories?
Do staff have access to pedagogical research to inform their practice?

Hear what TDT schools say…

Member schools share their experience of using the Diagnostic Review and its impact

Why engage with the Diagnostic Review?

“Rigorous. Detailed. Evidence-based…”

How did you find the process?

“Collaborative. Supportive. Knowledgable…”

What impact has it had on your school?

“Made huge changes. Definitely changed our practice…”

Supporting you all the way

The Diagnostic Review is the beginning of our relationship with you. TDT membership provides the support, guidance, resources and network opportunities needed to take the insights from the review to make a difference and sustain momentum.


Termly support calls with your expert TDT coach ensure that you can reflect on your plans, solve problems, find and use the right tools from your TDT membership and learn with other schools.

Your coach helps you design and evaluate your progress, using TDT’s change and impact framework.

Portal Modules

Network-exclusive online modules guide you and your colleagues through understanding and implementing effective approaches to people-powered school improvement.

Key topics include leadership of professional learning, needs analysis and evaluation, and governance.

I feel the approach to CPD of ALL staff has become more strategically aligned with the school’s development plan”

– Bernadette Kaye, South Shore Academy

PLUS Capacity-building programmes

Collaborative Enquiry training

Stimulate enthusiasm, curiosity and critical reflection in your staff and embed research-informed thinking. Our programme walks you through the creation of a rigorous and carefully structured approach to teacher enquiry that balances individual autonomy with school and team priorities.

Pedagogical Coaching

A powerful way to improve teaching & learning. Build a team of trusted pedagogical coaches who are welcomed into classrooms to help staff review and improve practice.

Our model balances the need for rigour with the need to build confidence and ownership of learning.

TDT Associate Qualification in CPD Leadership

The Associate Qualification in CPD Leadership is a 6-month intensive course designed to nurture future school and national champions of professional development.

You will critically engage with leading research and experience best practice first-hand, creating a robust CPD plan for 2021/22 that aligns with the DfE CPD Standards.

Now running into its 8th cohort, our flagship programme comprises three taught days of input, coaching and gap-tasks including literature reviews and organisational diagnostic reviews that culminate in the writing of a 7000-word assessed portfolio.

Hear what TDT schools say…

Member schools share their experience of working with TDT and the benefits of being part of the Network membership.

What was your experience of the TDT Associate Qualification in CPD Leadership?

“Experience and training in how to manage change. Knowledge and grounding to evaluate what the school was doing. Provide opportunities for collaborative learning with other schools.”

What advice would you give to new Network members to get the most from their membership?

“Take advantage of every opportunity they’ve got. Coaching calls have been fantastic. Signpost all your staff to the TDT learning portal”

Although change is something sweeping through my context in so many ways, having a research-informed and well thought through approach to professional learning has provided a useful anchor in turbulent times”

– Assistant Principal, The Mead Education Trust

Membership packages and fees

We have memberships for individual schools and Trusts and school groups to build capacity for a research-rich and empowered staff culture

Individual School Membership

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Trusts and School Group Membership

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Our TDT members

Being part of this project has been a key driver in our school improvement. Our recent HMI visit recognised the changes we have made as a result”

Jane Grey,
James Calvert Spencer College

Being involved in this
programme has been reassuring,
supportive and has provided our
school with direction and clarity
on the academy’s CPD priorities

Zara Blakemore
Hatfield Academy

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