Are you an Impact member? Have you considered booking in your half-day CPD Culture & Leadership workshopGet in touch to discuss your options. TDT Members are entitled to discounts of half day workshop sessions or series with the Network team so if this isn’t already included in your package we would be happy to coordinate with you on your team’s needs this year.

Choose from introductory sessions ahead of one of our full programmes such as Pedagogical Coaching, single CPD Leadership presentations on enabling and sustaining effective learning cultures, or multi session series to support your middle and senior leaders develop their skills for leading CPD in teams.

Continue reading for more information on available options to help you decide which is right for you and your school

Introductory Sessions

Who should take part?

If you are an Impact Member and have recently booked dates to begin your Pedagogical Coaching or Collaborative Enquiry programme with us, we recommend using this workshop to introduce some of the key concepts and condition enablers to a wider group. This can be suitable for senior or middle leaders who will not take part but need some understanding of the materials and intention, or for teaching colleagues who will be involved now or at a later stage to drive whole school buy in.

Participants will:

  • Explore each component for the chosen formal collaborative model
  • Reflect on the importance of a whole-school culture of collaboration 
  • Consider their role in fostering and sustaining this
  • Understand how effective professional conversations can be enabled

Gap task and asynchronous learning is not provided for this type of session, but walkthroughs of the platform used in the chosen courses can be provided.

Single Presentations

Who should take part?

These sessions are generally suitable for any staff member involved in leading, supporting or developing CPD programmes in your school. We recommend considering how the staff joining these sessions may be positioned to influence the success of your CPD vision, how supported they will be to exercise some of the skills we discuss, and be meaningfully consulted on the future development of programmes.

Participants are invited to reflect on CPD Leadership, use of research, collaboration and culture in their settings.

Topics include:

  • Reviewing the Research on Working Conditions
  • Enabling and Sustaining a Culture of Collaboration 
  • Enabling Professional Conversations
  • Driving Evidence Informed Practice

Gap task and asynchronous learning is not usually provided for this type of session, though links discussed will be shared along with the presentation slides in the session follow up.

TDT Network member schools – from £400 per session*
Non-member schools – from £800 per session*

Leadership Skills Series

Who should take part?

Suitable for senior and middle leaders and teachers looking to enable effective, pupil-focussed, formal and informal collaboration in their schools and teams.

Options include:

  • Two workshops on Professional Challenge, including a reflective session on enablers followed by skill development and practise session.
  • A three part course on leading teaching, learning and CPD in teams/departments.

Gap tasks and asynchronous learning will provide opportunities for colleagues to practice and reflect alongside the course, with further reading and guided activities including discussion forums and facilitator support.

* Training which includes online asynchronous content, or for more than 12 participants will incur additional costs.