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Welcome to the NPQ Resource Library, a valuable go-to facility to help develop your professional practice and support you on your learning journey.

Here you will find blogs, articles, webinars, interviews and case studies to provide inspiration and knowledge on the art, the craft and the science of School Improvement through People Development.





 Teaching and Behaviour

 Professional Development


 Curriculum & Assessment

 Additional Needs, SEND & Disability


 Organisational Management

 Working in Partnership

 Governance & Accountability


The Teacher Development Trust, in association with our professional partners, have contributed research and development on the value of teacher development and whole school improvement through an effective, research-led approach

Our full suite of NPQ qualifications

Flexible, blended-learning qualifications for you and your staff, rooted in the art, the craft and the science of School Improvement through People Development

Three, brand-new Specialist qualifications and career routes with full scholarship funding for many staff in state-funded schools within the top 30th percentile of schools in relation to pupils on pupil premium

NPQ Leading Teaching

Lead the development of other staff in your schools, through coaching, mentoring and designing the highest quality CPD programmes through the NPQLTD

NPQ Leading Teaching

Lead great quality teaching & curriculum, whether in a subject, year-group, key stage or phase through the NPQLT

Leading Behaviour, culture and pupil wellbeing

Leading Behaviour, Culture and Pupil Wellbeing

Lead the improvement of pupil wellbeing, create calm classrooms, great pupil behaviour and a warm whole-school culture through the NPQLBC

Three brand-new Leadership qualifications for school and system leadership: 

NPQ Senior Leadership

Gain school-wide, senior leadership responsibilities and bring staff with you on the journey with the NPQSL

NPQ Headteachers

Lead effective, school-wide change through the art, craft and science of people development with the NPQH

NPQ Executive Leadership

Take your leadership to new levels, working across multiple schools with the NPQEL

Interested in facilitating our NPQs? Find out more about facilitation for TDT 

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Our Key Areas of Learning

Effective communication and teamwork

Leadership clarity & team alignment

Change management & implementation

Professional learning & growth

Self management & awareness

Key Activities and Principles

Hold a mirror up to your current setting, studying how it works

Get a window into other types of schools—different phases, specialities, localities

Courses designed for participants from a variety of backgrounds & schools

Be properly prepared to deal with the most common real-life leadership challenges

Learn from detailed interviews with great leaders – not just what they do but how they think

Experience repeated opportunities to practise real change and implementation