5a – Staff are supported to work with external partners

Meaning – when staff engage with external expertise, they are given time to implement, reflect, evaluate (in the short, medium and long-term) and refine any new approaches or ideas. They are able to share any new knowledge and work with other staff to take any strategies further beyond their own classrooms, enabling sustained change.

What might this look like in practice?

When staff attend an external course, or engage with external expertise, staff plan what the expected benefit and impact on pupils will be. In addition to the time allocated for the engagement with external expertise, staff are also given some CPD time to plan and take the idea further. There is a process which ensures staff feedback in the short, medium and long term, and, after time to embed and refine an approach, staff are expected to share their learning with colleagues.

The Needs Analysis and Evaluation section goes into further detail, with more tools and resources around ensuring CPD meets pupil and staff needs.