Engaging with HEIs

There are many benefits to partnering with your local university.

  • Help with research – inviting a junior researcher in to help your teams get started with their research can be a very useful activity.
  • Opportunity to engage in interventions that address your pupil and school needs.
  • Potential to network with other (local) schools.
  • Opportunities to participate in funded projects

How can I start one up?

The School-University Partnerships Initiative (SUPI) is a three-year initiative to create structured and strategic mechanisms for HEIs to work in partnership with secondary schools and FE colleges. Their website lists a number of universities that have received funding. Alternatively, search online for the Faculty of Education at your local university, and send a friendly enquiry to one of the staff.

If your local university is not able to work with you, you could also get in touch with the Institute of Education, which partners with individual schools, clusters of schools and Teaching School Alliances across the UK. All their work is supported by their research and funded projects are available.

Finally you are likely to have initial relationships through colleagues engaging in ITT or MA etc. This is often a good starting point for taking forward a relationship.