6a – Time is protected for CPD

Meaning – In addition to statutory Inset days, time is also allocated throughout the term for staff to engage in professional learning. The timetable is strategically designed to support collaborative planning, and cover is used to facilitate peer observation and collaboration where necessary. Meeting time is used to develop pedagogy, teaching and learning. Departmental time, for example, is focussed on improving practice and pupil learning; any administrative tasks are arranged through email, rather than in meeting time.

What might this look like in practice?

The timetable ensures that relevant staff are able to collaborate in PPA time to plan collaboratively (e.g. staf teaching the same year group/staff in the same department time). Staff have a number of ‘cover vouchers’ to enable them to peer observe and collaborate with other staff.

The Culture and Wellbeing section of the Portal goes into more detail about setting up a culture around CPD. It includes further research, resources from TDT and from other schools.

The Focus section of the portal goes into more details about how to ensure CPD is focussed, sustained and iterative.