3c – CPD is matched to pupils’ needs

Meaning – CPD should not only broadly relate to key pupil data (for example by having a focus on literacy or stretch and challenge), but every CPD activity should be relevant to specific pupils that staff teach. There should be a planned outcome for particular pupils from each CPD activity (whether that’s small scale, such as collaborative planning between two members of staff, or larger scale).

What could this look like in practice?

For every external course that staff attend, they are expected to have ‘target pupils’ in mind, who they expect to benefit from the professional learning that will take place.

A Key Stage 2 teacher has her appraisal at the beginning of the year. In addition to a personal career focussed target (attending a middle leadership course), the remaining two targets are focussed on groups of children who are particularly underachieving and the steps that she will take to try and support and meet the needs of those children.

The Needs Analysis and Evaluation section has a number of articles, blogs, tools and guidance to support you in enabling pupil focussed CPD and identifying needs