Collaborating with other Schools

Through TDT Network we aim to support you to learn from other schools and collaborate with each other. Time is a common constraint when working with other schools, but it is often a fantastic opportunity to learn from other colleagues. Some points to consider

  • Ideally collaboration should go beyond sharing practice. A follow up visit and evaluating impact together can allow both schools to refine and improve their practice.
  • Visiting another school can often be inspiring and reinvigorating for a professional, but you should ensure that you are not just trying out lots of new things in the short term. Make sure you make a short, medium and long-term plan for how you will take your new learning forward.
  • Remember that all staff are likely to benefit from working with other schools, it shouldn’t just be an opportunity for leaders or for experienced staff.

Blog, anewhoffod: The best CPD we can afford ourselves is the chance to visit other schools.