School Resources – Culture and Wellbeing

Aylsham High School

This framework for excellence gives an overview of Aylsham’s priorities and CPD programme.

Belmont Community School

The summary of the Quality of Teaching section from Belmont’s SIP demonstrates the way professional development has been highly prioritised and linked to all aspects school development.

Bentley Wood High School for Girls

This booklet gives an overview of the school CPD, and this shows an overview of the CPD as part of their Teaching School Alliance.

Elthorne Park High School

Vision Document – CPD: The Elthorne Way –  The emphasis and importance placed on CPD and the quality of teaching and learning is outlined here clearly for teachers and all staff. This document explains what is valued by the school, expected of staff, and why.

Highbury Grove School

Tom Sherrington, Headteacher at Highbury Grove School, has kindly shared his newly published booklet that sets out the schools CPD plan for next year.  Click here to see what the school have in store.

Huntington School

Headteacher, John Tomsett, looks at the culture of school leadership in this blog.

Two resources below shared from the blog are Student 360° which supports schools in gathering feedback from pupils, and Staff 360° which supports Performance Development Reviewers to review their work as line managers.

Iris Connect

Student 360

Staff 360

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