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David Weston, founder of the Teacher Development Trust and leading authority on professional development, shares groundbreaking insights from the latest academic research into school improvement.

This 12-minute video, accompanied by downloadable supporting materials, helps school leaders understand and implement the latest school improvement research findings, within their own settings.

Discover David’s Top 3 research insights for school improvement this coming year

Inside the Vault:


Three Key Takeaways:
A snapshot into three major studies, and what they mean to your school


The secret to breaking down constituent teaching practices (3min 8s)


Seven Domains for Success:
See how these insights integrate into the proven framework for school improvement.


Reflective Questions:
Gain access to Davidʼs
essential questions that will guide your CPD strategy.

“I am delighted to share my latest Vault with you, this time reflecting on some of the newest studies from 2024 that could help you as a professional development lead or a school leader. Inside, weʼll be looking at the latest educational research, and how that might impact the way that leading teaching and learning and professional development in your school.ˮ


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