Here at TDT, we are excited to be working with schools in the Norwich Priority Area to improve professional development and school culture, in partnership with Julian Teaching School Hub and the DfE. Through Diagnostic Reviews, coaching, and collaboration, we aim to equip leaders to better support their teachers’ professional development.

Diagnostic Reviews

A unique part of our work is conducting Diagnostic Reviews of schools’ CPD programmes. This triangulates data from leader self-evaluations, staff surveys, and expert interviews to give schools a comprehensive analysis of their CPD strengths and development areas. Schools receive detailed reports to inform improvement efforts. We also synthesise themes across schools to understand needs in the local area.

Developing Local Experts

To build lasting capacity in Norwich, we are training local leaders from schools and trusts as certified CPD reviewers. They will be trained in our proven methodology and licensed to conduct reviews beyond the initial sponsored schools. This grows the community’s expertise and enables schools to easily access quality diagnostics and advice.

Peer Learning

We facilitate group workshops for school leaders to discuss insights from the reviews, share ideas and experiences, and collectively improve. Hearing different perspectives is invaluable for expanding mindsets. Working alongside peers towards a common purpose generates energy and commitment.


School leaders receive one-to-one coaching from TDT experts to apply the review findings. Tailored support and challenge from experienced mentors gives leaders the space to think deeply and build strategic acumen in implementing change through professional learning.

Through rigorous evaluation and collaborative effort, we aim to positively impact teaching quality and student outcomes across Norwich schools. 

We are privileged to partner on this meaningful work and will share updates with the sector as evidence of impact emerges.