For National Thank A Teacher Day 2022, TDT’s Head of Partnerships, Ejike Agubor thanks an inspirational teacher.

The trombone. What a brilliant musical instrument. It has such a unique sound, and to think I would never have discovered it had it not been for the influence of my music teacher, Mrs Coe.

Back in secondary school I was quiet, shy, unassuming and never liked the limelight. Even putting my hand up in class to answer a question would sometimes fill me with dread. That changed slightly when Mrs Coe became my teacher, introduced me to shiny musical instruments and encouraged me to pick up a trombone for the first time. I felt different – I had found a voice. At first, learning the trombone was difficult and I sometimes found myself wishing I had chosen something easier or cooler like the drums, however, I can still remember how Mrs Coe never gave up on me. I’m glad she did as this lesson in perseverance made the sense of achievement as I made my way to Grade 5 even greater.

Since those days, music has played a big part in my life and the lesson in never giving up has never left me. Who knows, maybe one day I will be able to play the theme tune from the 80’s children’s programme, Jonny Briggs.

I never did get to meet Mrs Coe again after I left secondary school, but I would love to think she had a similar impact on countless other children after me. In fact, I know she would have. Thanks Mrs Coe!

National Thank a Teacher Day is on Thursday 26th May and is dedicated to all the schools and colleges at the heart of our communities, from the teachers helping us make sense of the world to all the wonderful support staff keeping things running. For more information and to get involved, please see their website.

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