Tackling the Recruitment Challenge

Research compiled by SchoolDash and TeacherTapp shows a significant decline in teacher job mobility
during the coronavirus pandemic, with a 38% drop in teacher recruitment advertisements on school
websites between mid-May and the end of April compared to the same period in 2019. 12.5% of teachers
who were previously planning to move jobs have decided not to – potentially due to the current uncertainty
around when schools will fully reopen and the economy.

School leaders since surveyed through TeacherTapp have also cited that they had found difficulties
conducting their usual recruitment, application and selection processes during the lockdown, when school
visits, in-person interviews and classroom assessments are impossible.

Teacher Development Trust and the Gatsby Foundation have partnered to help schools address these
challenges, including through gathering education experts and school leaders to share ideas and strategies
for tackling the issue in two special #CPDConnectUp: Recruitment Specials, the first of which took place on 15th May.

Download our free resource for schools to support teacher recruitment during the pandemic.

Watch the video of our #CPDConnectUp Recruitment Special: Focus on NQTs

#CPDConnectUp: NQT Recruitment Special