Since the Teacher Development Trust’s (TDT) inception in 2012, we have often asked ourselves how we can raise the awareness of the importance of CPD and how this links to improving pupil outcomes. We know that building capacity within our schools by prioritising teacher professional learning can boost recruitment and help retain and develop our best teachers. By supporting teachers to improve and refine their practice, and engage in evidence based professional development there is a strong benefit to pupils in the classroom, particularly the most disadvantaged.


In 2017 TDT was awarded the Teaching and Leadership Innovation Fund (TLIF) to establish five CPD Excellence Hubs around the country to support the most disadvantaged children to access the best-supported teachers and effective professional development. Funded by the Department for Education, this exciting project sees TDT working with schools around the country, enacting many of the key policy principles we have championed for so long.

This whole school programme is led by five school based CPD Expert Advisers within each CPD Excellence Hub in the following areas:

  • Blackpool
  • Sheffield and Doncaster
  • Northumberland
  • Stoke-on-Trent
  • South Central (Luton)

What’s happened so far?

Across the five hubs, we recruited a total of 40 schools to support them to implement a rigorously evidence-based approach to transform teacher development in their schools. All of the Partner schools enrolled onto our TDT Network which enabled them to access a wealth of CPD resources, tools and academic research.

Each Partner school has undertaken a detailed CPD audit highlighting to school leaders where they need to turn their attention in order to improve staff development. Completing this detailed needs analysis of professional development has been the priority for all 40 schools at the start of the programme. We are so excited to support our Partner Schools and the CPD leads working in each school as they begin to map new CPD plans and address the improvement priorities that have emerged from their first audit.

What next?

The upcoming 2018 – 2019 academic year will see the continuation of the CPD Excellence Hubs Programme, with their local CPD Expert Advisers providing support with the following:

  • personalised guidance with CPD planning and evaluation;
  • fortnightly coaching conversations; and
  • half-termly local forums to share best practice around pre-identified CPD needs.

We have already begun to see many positive outcomes from the Partner Schools involved in TDT’s CPD Excellence Hubs Programme. The Hubs have established local networks with high levels of relational trust, professionalism and scholarship, where previously there has been a vacuum of high quality local partnerships. Our schools have taken the time to properly diagnose and identify the CPD needs they need to address, planning and evaluating against specific pupil outcomes.

The most disadvantaged children need access to the best-supported teachers and effective professional development which not only helps teachers to thrive, but all pupils to succeed. It has been humbling to see such a commitment to high quality, evidence-based and collaborative approaches to improving and developing practice from staff in some of the most challenged schools and areas in England, all for the benefit of the young people they teach.

How can you get involved through our TDT Network?

If you are ready to take the next step in your school’s professional learning, through our TDT Network we can support your school to implement highly effective, evidence-based staff CPD, engage with research and allow your school to collaborate with like-minded schools around the UK.

For more information about the TDT network, click here. Alternatively book in a meeting with our CPD experts to discuss your CPD needs.