Welcome to the first installment of our new GoodCPDGuide monthly newsletter.

This newsletter will help you keep up to date on all that’s new and interesting at the GoodCPDGuide.

We’ll feature news articles and advice relating to finding and providing effective professional development.

We hope you’ll enjoy finding out more about the exciting world of professional development and the GoodCPDGuide!

This month we’re very glad to feature:

  • Four of this month’s new providers
  • Review of the month
  • Seven Deadly Sins of Teacher Development – a blog from Teacher Development Trust’s chief exec David Weston
  • Excellence in Training: GoodCPDGuide Conference 2013 – read all about September’s inaugural GoodCPDGuide conference for CPD providers

New Providers

There are now over 280 providers listing their services on the GoodCPDGuide. Providers range from large organisations and teaching school alliances to bespoke consultancy services and online trainers. This month we’re very glad to welcome:

  • Pearson, one of the world’s largest education companies
  • Centre for Literacy in Primary Education, a UK charity promoting high standards in the teaching of literacy
  • Music Education Solutions, bespoke training, development and project management services for Music Education Hubs, arts organisations, schools and teachers in the UK
  • The Royal Geographical Society, who offer field training courses and CPD for teachers in the UK

as well as all other providers new to the GoodCPDGuide!

Review of the Month

Congratulations to Enliven Education who earned a 5* review on the GoodCPDGuide this month on their “Embedding Good Habits of Learning Workshop“. Enliven Education offer bespoke training and resources which aim to bridge the gap between research and practice “by designing training and consultancy that both disseminates current educational thinking and allows all educational organisations to make good practical use of it”. Well done Enliven!

We actively encourage all users to review the professional development courses and resources they’ve used on the site. Writing a review can:

  • stimulate reflection on how the training has impacted positively on practice
  • help colleagues nationwide assess the relevance and usefulness of a particular service
  • allow providers to see how they should improve and develop their services

To write a review, simply click “Review this” next to any listing on the GoodCPDGuide.

News and advice

At Teacher Development Trust we’re always looking to share advice on how teachers, school leaders and providers should run, develop and use professional development resources.

  • Seven Deadly Sins of Teacher Development“, an article by Teacher Development Trust chief exec David Weston, first appeared in the Times Education Supplement. David warns against certain traits that could be limiting your professional development. A must read for teachers, school leaders and providers alike!
  • In September we held our inaugural GoodCPDGuide conference for the organisations and individuals who run professional development services for teachers and schools. “Excellence in Training: Growing and Improving as a CPD Provider” was the first event of its kind ever in the UK, bringing together experts and providers to discuss the crucial question of what teachers need when it comes to professional development. Read all about the extremely successful day here!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the first installment of the newsletter. As always, feel free to contact us with your thoughts, comments and questions on everything GoodCPDGuide related.